Let’s Work

How Your Company Can Benefit

New positions can easily take 3-6 months to fill – senior roles might take even longer. Évoluti’ON will have a highly skilled candidate placed with your company in 3 weeks or less.

Program participants receive training designed in consultation with your business to ensure that learning outcomes reflect the skills that you are looking for.

Évoluti’ON is a virtual and bilingual platform that provides users with guides, tools and support to help them improve their job readiness and career development skills. The program features approximately thirty modules produced by expert professionals; each module covers all the necessary steps for the user to discover the world of work, develop communication skills, calculation, problem solving, reading and writing ability as well as computer literacy.

We want to make our modules the best they can be and that means having a partner that wants to improve with us. We are looking for industry partners to join us in creating and improving our modules to ensure our users are getting the most accurate training that could be available.