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A Lease Administrator Role

Lease administration is a critical role that oversees the administration, tracking, and auditing of lease documents. A lease administrator might focus on real estate leases for a specific real estate company or a holding company’s rental real estate portfolio; perform the role for multiple companies as a solo contractor; or even specialize in serving as both an administrator and a real estate manager (or property manager).

A lease administrator typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:
• Reviewing lease agreements to ensure compliance with laws and industry standards
• Making sure that leases are up to date and accurate by contacting landlords when necessary updates are required
• Providing information about available properties to potential tenants
• Coordinating maintenance requests with landlords, contractors, and property managers
• Managing tenant accounts by collecting rent payments and processing late fees
• Coordinating move-in and move-out procedures with landlords and tenants
• Reviewing applications for new tenants to make sure they meet minimum requirements
• Maintaining records of all lease agreements, including copies of all signed documents and correspondence with landlords and tenants
• Communicating regularly with tenants to ensure that they are satisfied with their living arrangements

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